Self-Perform Services

In today’s market, most contractors solely manage construction activities performed by others. However, one of DCC’s unique offerings is our capability to self-perform many scopes of work. This ability saves the owner time (fewer subcontractors to rely on) and money (no multiple layers of profit), and quality control becomes much easier since we are not relying on a third party’s workmanship. With DC’s employee tenure averaging 25 years of service and dedication, quality control is practically a mute issue when we self-perform.

A few of the services that Dublin Construction Company self-performs include:

Steel Fabrication & Erection

Conventional & Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Mechanical Services

Process Piping (stainless, carbon, alloy, inconel)
Heavy Equipment Installation
Relocation & Alignment
Plant Maintenance
Shutdown/Outage Services


Complex Equipment Foundations
High Performance Floors
Tilt Wall
Waste Water & Demolition


Single Ply (PVC & TPO)

Single Ply Roofing Benefits:

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Membrane has 85% Reflectivity
  • Unconditional 15 year labor and material warranty
  • Single Ply can be installed over existing conditions and can be installed with no disruptions
  • Metal roof Retrofit / Overlay
Metal Roofing
Standing Seam

The MR_24® Standing Seam roof system is attached to the building’s structure with a special clip and tab assembly formed into the double-lock seam. Because the tab can move within the clip, the entire roof can expand and contract freely and adapt to seasonal temperature changes without sacrificing structural integrity.

Metal Over Metal Retrofiit

The CMR-24® roof system offers all the benefits of the MR-24® roof system with the addition of a layer of rigid insulation board and an interior steel liner. This liner gives the interior a finished look while protecting the roof’s insulation and providing excellent energy savings.

Screwed Applied

The basic roof system for the Widespan TM structural system. Engineered to be both economical to install and to maintain, the Butlerib® II roof offers features that make it the best through-fastened roof system in the industry.