DCC Awarded West Laurens Middle School Renovation

DCC has been awarded the renovation of West Laurens Middle School.  The renovation is to take place over a condensed time period of 9 weeks.  The exterior of the campus will be getting resurfaced parking lots, a new canopy, and additional sidewalks around the main building.  The front entrance will be upgraded and will lead into a renovated administration area and expanded cafeteria.  The windows of the building will receive new glass, providing for a more energy efficient envelope along with a clean, fresh appearance to the building.  Previously, DCC replaced the aging roof on the building and will continue the exterior improvements by cleaning and repointing the exterior brick.  Inside the school, new finishes will be installed on the floors, walls, and ceilings.  The HVAC system will undergo extensive replacements including a highly efficient variable refrigerant flow system in the administration area.

Undertaking this amount of work in such a short time period has required intense planning to ensure we start the 2016-2017 school year in the newly renovated building.  DCC is proud to be a trusted partner for Laurens County Schools and proud to be a part of keeping our local SPLOST dollars within the community of Laurens County.